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Dr. James McAnally Practice Update

Dear Friend,

After 18 years of practice, caring for thousands of patients and giving back daily comfort, beauty and function to Washingtonians who were highly fearful of the dentist, missing/losing teeth, or who no longer wanted to wear dentures, I retired from clinical practice.

Hundreds of the most highly trained colleagues in dentistry voting via daily and weekly inquiries for my direct help on how to best promote and communicate what they do in their practices in their local areas led to this decision which gradually occurred over the course of 6 years.  The sharing of these non-clinical systems means that hundreds of thousands of more patients globally get to understand and make better choices regarding their dental options and what’s possible with today’s dentistry.

To my former patients thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life over the years. Those memories remain dear.  For Pacific NW patients needing regular general practice dentistry, please contact Dr. Max Bloeser (206-284-6705). If you need an evaluation for complex dental care, please contact Dr. Frank Calvo (206-284-7812).

For my dental colleagues, especially those with advanced training and skills (or those pursuing advanced educational programs), if you have a true desire to reach out to patients with the most serious dental problems who need your help, you can learn more about how to predictably make that happen by visiting

Bsmall web photoest regards,

Dr. James McAnally, FICOI, FAGD, DMII
Top Educator–Dentistry Today