The McAnally Selling System Puts You in Complete Control of Your Time.

You may be losing 10-20% in profit annually without this “check-list” System.

Dispensed in 6 monthly sessions on-line
Optional live teleconferences twice a month with Dr. McAnally

“It lets me collect my fees in advance.”Dr. Stephen Phelan

Graduates say it delivers the best Systematic and ethical approach they’ve ever encountered for Case Acceptance. 

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The McAnally Selling System:   A ‘Check-List’ System to ethically sell dentistry.

  • Dentistry’s only check-list system for selling services.  Based on a decade of influence and persuasion science.
  • For generalists and specialists. Augments existing promotion and prepares you for better promotion.
  • An escape path from the  “insurance trap” and allows full fees in niche procedures.
  • Provides “unique reason why” power to win out over competitors and other goods and services.
  • Allows patients to qualify themselves financially without embarrassment while preventing loss of time.
  • Removes doctor  and team bias impacting patient decision making.
  • Check-list approach results in 10-25% gains in profit with your current practice and 25-50% gains with big case treatment plan sizes.

Key Features of Our Training in a “Check-List” Method for Dentistry Case Acceptance System.

  • Online plus Live teleconference option with  Dr. McAnally twice each month.  No travel required.  No time lost from practice.
  • Over 100 hours of powerful recorded sales material and phone coaching that will jump-start EVERY practice.
  • Guarantee: Full refund of any payment made within the past 30 days — without question.
  • No long term contracts.
  • 6 monthly sessions on-line with digital templates and examples.
  • Intended for financial coordinators, front office team and the doctor.
  • Academy credentialing available.