Case Acceptance Summit 2012

The Next Biannual Case Acceptance Summit with Dr. James McAnally is Friday June 8, 2012 in Miami

Bring the team – learn the Maximum Case Acceptance System firsthand from it’s creator

The Maximum Case Acceptance Summit provides doctors with training in a proven system for offering comprehensive care to interested existing and new patients without Guilt or Embarrassment.

Receive 3 FREE lessons of Maximum Case Acceptance (a $995 value) when you register before April 1, 2012
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The 1.5 day biannual Summit is:

  • Designed as a complimentary tie-in to doctors who are learning the Maximum Case Acceptance System.
  • A “putting it all together” or “get it done” session for Maximum Case Acceptance Program Members still implementing their System.
  • An additional way to get directed advice from Big Case staff for fine tuning efforts.
  • NOT a clinical technique meeting, but instead, the fastest, most straight-forward path to ethically selling your very best clinical services with no guilt for doctor, team, or patient.
  • For doctors who desire to meet other Members and the Big Case team in person and to get an overview presentation on how and when to ethically sell your best services.
  • A straight-through review presentation of the entire Maximum Case Acceptance System™ with break-out sessions for attending doctors to improve their screening and consultation packets as well as time to critique case presentation transcripts and patient case reports.
  • Dr. James McAnally and the Big Case Marketing teach the step-by-step how to’s of the Maximum Case Acceptance System™ – already successfully and ethically selling the best dentistry possible in practices throughout the North America, the UK, Australia, and Europe.
  • About showing you how to be the most recognized expert in your prospective patient’s eyes in your market area regardless of how crowded or competitive your local market is or how difficult the local economic conditions.

Even if the local practice implements only a fraction of the items and processes discussed, case acceptance for larger fee-for-service cases will increase dramatically! The Summit is designed to get you well on your way with the concepts related to ethical selling of your best services and for those who are already Members of our Programs to fine tune and hone your efforts further in a group setting.

Receive 3 FREE lessons of Maximum Case Acceptance (a $995 value) when you register before April 1, 2012
This offer gives you the head start you’ll need to get the most out or this live training.
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A Networking Opportunity for Dentists Like None Other!

The Case Acceptance Summit also presents an opportunity to meet and learn from your peers who, like you, are interested in growing their practices with fee-for-service-dentistry and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. You can attend the usual unfocused meetings to purchase equipment or learn the latest clinical techniques, but this is the only meeting that aggregates those doctors who want to do more fee-for-service dentistry on their own terms into the same room so they can learn from each other.

Multiply Case Acceptance & Long Term Profit 16X.

Learn how to multiply your case value & profit SIXTEEN TIMES:

  • First doubling: Present more complete cases with confidence and more fee-for-service cases to double the number of chances for success.
  • Second doubling: Higher Fees – Present at fee levels that will lead to the best treatment results and forgo the “death by discounting” race most practices are caught in for doubling the value of your cases again.
  • Third Doubling: Polished Clear Presentations – Present more clearly, concisely and in a manner understandable to the patient which will again double your success rate.
  • Fourth Doubling: Setting up future cases from current cases that aren’t immediately ready for treatment. No one outside of our member Programs understands this long term economic benefit stemming from prospects who say “no” which really means, “not today but in the future.” The Case Report concept discussed and shown in the presentation is one way to plant long term case seeds for the future and to actually win the “second opinion game.”

The Maximum Case Acceptance Summit is for you if…

  • You are tired of hearing “NO” to your large-case presentations regardless of how well you feel you’ve presented the case for treatment.
  • You want a path to being insurance independent or to at least reduce your dependence to an acceptable level.
  • You want to name your fee and say good-bye to competing on low prices.
  • You have a high degree of clinical skills, are not using them in the manner intended – and want to finally do so. You want to develop your clinical skills but you don’t know how to create demand for a higher level of clinical services.
  • Your practice is doing well in the large case arena and you want to do even better.
  • You are wasting productive time presenting to non-qualified prospective patients.
  • Your team needs direction in the case presentation department and you don’t know what to go about it.
  • You want more of your patients and prospective patients to value your services and be willing to pay appropriate fees for them.
  • You want the fastest shortcut to developing an effective systematic process for ethically selling by copying the experts instead of spending a decade creating one on your own.

The Maximum Case Acceptance Summit is NOT is for you if…

  • You are happy with the status quo—being at the mercy of each patient’s random buying process when considering your services and treatment plants.
  • You are happiest when seeing large numbers of patients for short visits and increasing patient load and speed with each passing year.
  • You prefer not to plan or deliver more comprehensive cases.
  • You firmly believe that your practice and your area is different and nothing will make a difference.
  • You have no desire to lead your team or to hold them accountable in the ways that they interact with your patients and prospective patients.
  • You firmly believe that colleagues (competitors) will disapprove or become jealous of your success.
  • You believe that your practice is a public service and not a true business.
  • You dislike adding confidence in matters related to selling your best services.
Receive 3 FREE lessons of Maximum Case Acceptance (a $995 value) when you register before April 1, 2012
This offer gives you the head start you’ll need to get the most out or this live training.
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Train your team in The System – Don’t let them Ad-lib!

Without a documented case acceptance system, you are not only at the whim of how your patients choose to buy but you are fully dependent on your team members to “make it up as they go.” It’s unlikely they’ll ever reach their full potential or even achieve decent results without guidance.

Even if you get lucky and have a staff member who is nominally adequate at case acceptance, when they eventually leave your practice for their next job, you’ll need to replicate the same skills.The secret to doing just that is in training by way of a System which can be used again and again regardless of how many staff changes happen in the future.

The Bottom Line – Learn THE System for Ethical Dentistry Selling

If you aren’t selling ethically and selling systematically, then patients are most certainly applying their system for buying to your services. This rarely coincides with what 21st century dentistry can accomplish or with what dentists with advanced clinical training have in abundance—skills waiting to restore and create comfort, function, and beauty.

Whenever you want to learn a new clinical procedure, you turn to experts to show you the way. Learning a system for ethically selling your services is no different. Big Case Marketing’s Case Acceptance System is already in use in hundreds of practices of dentists with the most advanced clinical training to generate case acceptance success, happier patients, and better treatment outcomes.

Why not share in that success? Why waste time and untold resources on experimentation when you can start with a proven system for ethically selling already successfully used on the major continents? It’s already been done for you – It’s better to copy genius than to make all the mistakes yourself

Receive 3 FREE lessons of Maximum Case Acceptance (a $995 value) when you register before April 1, 2012
This offer gives you the head start you’ll need to get the most out or this live training.
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