The McAnally Selling System for Big Cases

You may be losing 10-25% in profit without this “check-list” System.

“It lets me collect my fees in advance.”Dr. Stephen Phelan

Graduates say it delivers the best Systematic and ethical approach they’ve ever encountered for Case Acceptance. 

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The McAnally Selling System

  • 6 monthly sessions on-line with digital templates and examples.
  • Two Options – Call 206-905-1874 to Discuss
  • Guarantee: Full refund of any payment made within the past 30 days — without question.
  • Backed by Harvard, Yale, and Stanford Research for Generalists and Specialists.
  • Sell more inside PPOs.  Get full fees inside PPOs.
  • Escape the  “insurance trap.”
  • Special patient qualifying system.
  • 10-25% gains in profit with current patients.  25-50% gains with big case treatment plans.
  • Monthly teleconferences with Dr. McAnally and Coach Amber for personal staff training.
  • Intended for financial coordinators, front office team and the doctor.