Do the Cases You Love – Take More Time Off – Be Happier.

We live in an unfair age.  Dentists lack time to think, to plan, and time to spend with family.  Few routinely get to do gratifying cases.  Our Programs are designed to give you control of your time, to allow you to do the gratifying cases you’ve trained for, and to give you a route to a happier practice and life.

Ethical Dental Case Acceptance Means Regaining Control of Your Time.

Based on practice data, those not using our trademarked Dental Case Acceptance Selling System lose up to 25% in profit annually.  Those presenting big case (large treatment plans) lose up to 50% on every case without it.

It’s dentistry’s only Check-List’ System for selling using evidence based on decision making and influence research. Used by thousands of the world’s most ethical teams.  

Doctors completing the Program report regaining control of how they spend their time on a weekly and annual basis.

Better Marketing Messages Means More Gratifying Cases.

Our specially designed “Big Case” Advertising Program matches doctors with better and bigger skills with patients who have bigger needs.  The combined result of ethical selling and better messages means you routinely do more of the cases you find the most gratifying.

Doctor’s participating report being more satisfied in their practice and life.