Dr. James McAnally DDS, FAGD, FICOI, FMII Creator of The McAnally Selling System™

They didn’t teach us sales in dental school.
That’s why I developed The McAnally Selling System™.

Like most of us in the profession, I went into dentistry to help people. But as my practice matured and I acquired advanced training and skills, I wanted to practice more than general dentistry. I wanted to take on the more complex, bigger cases.

Big cases are more interesting, plus I discovered they have a much greater impact on my patients’ lives. In addition, I found that I could treat fewer patients in a day, have greater control over my schedule, and create more free time – more quality time – in my life.



 I learned how to find – and sell – large dental cases.

Dentistry has changed in the last several years, and we all have to sell our services. In fact, you may be spending thousands of dollars every month on advertising. But advertising is not selling. Despite a large advertising budget, you may not be attracting the kinds of patients and cases you want. When you do attract those big cases, how often do you make the sale? Would you like better tools to create not only more phone calls from your marketing but to have more patients enter a proven, ethical, selling process guided by a check-list of selling steps backed by behavioral science?

These reasons are why I developed The McAnally Selling System™. Based on scientific principles from major universities like Harvard, Stanford and Yale, it’s an ethical, no-pressure method that teaches you how to create more interest from your marketing and to have a greater percentage of big-case patients going into treatment at your desired fee.

Learn how to sell big cases and do more of the work you love.

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recognized by Dentistry Today

For 7 years running, Dr. McAnally has
been recognized by Dentistry Today as
the nation’s top expert in niche procedure
marketing and ethical selling.

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